SPORT: weightlifting


Facility: Constantí Pavilion

Capacity: 500 people



With a strong historical nature, Constantí stands as one of the most pluralistic municipalities of Tarragona region. Its district is populated by a network of rural roads, and simultaneously serves as a route for nature lovers and as a tool for agriculture, historically one of the economic engines of the municipality along with the industry. The Major Street, heart of the village, leads to the parish church of Sant Feliu, where you can find some gems work by the modernist architect Josep Maria Jujol Gibert, who was born in Tarragona. The town center also stands by its old town, with eight centuries of history and medieval walls of the thirteenth century. Constantí is also noted for its parcel of teaching and research with the School of Agricultural Training Mas Bové, the Centre for Research from IRTA and the Experimental Winery Mas dels Frares. Moreover, the Roman villa of Centelles and its dome mosaic friezes is the archaeological jewel of the town, having the status of World Heritage Site. Nearby there is the Pont de les Caixes Bridge, a Roman aqueduct which origin has been recently declared National Cultural Heritage.

With more than 6,000 inhabitants, Constantí currently has numerous sports organizations: CE Constantí, CB Constantí, CP Constantí, Estètica Constantí, CN Constantí, Escola de Pilots, Moto-Club Constantí, Moto-Clàssic Constantí, Club de Tir de Arc Constantí and Club d’Escacs Constantí.



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