The Mediterranean Games medals look like a roman coin, a symbol of the return of Tarragona to the ancient sport competitions

The irregular form and the reference to Pont del Diable are the two most representative details

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24 May 2018


Thursday, the gold, silver and bronze medals have been presented together with the diplomas and the musical composition for the XVIII Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018. The event has been hosted in the amphitheatre of the city and attended by the Mayor and President of the Organising Committee, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, the designer of the medals, Galo Bertran, the municipal archeologist, Joan Menchon, and the composer and teacher of the Music Conservatory of Tarragona Provincial Council, Antoni Sebastià.

Tarragona 2018 medals present a peculiar trait: the irregular form of an old Roman coin. It symbolises the return to the ‘arena’ centuries after, a reference to the sport competitions practised in the city in Roman times. These days they ‘return’ to the city during the celebration of the XVIII Mediterranean Games. This idea can be read in the back side of the medal, in the Latin inscription ‘reditum arenam’, and accompanied by a Roman chariot driven by an auriga and two horses. The front side displays Tarragona 2018 official logo and the official naming of the Mediterranean Games in five languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Arabic.

Finally, the arches where the medal is held to the ribbon represent the arches of the Aqueduct de les Ferreres, commonly known as Pont del Diable, and the decorative circular details of both sides are inspired in the ancient geometrical forms found in coins and mosaics. The ribbon includes the official logo and the official naming of the Games in five languages.


During the event, the design of the diplomas delivered to all gold, silver and bronze medal athletes has been presented. It includes the image of the back side of the medal with the Latin sentence ‘reditum arenam’ and the Roman biga. 

The march of the award ceremony and the fanfare

Today the Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018 fanfare and the award ceremony march have been heard for the first time. Both pieces have been composed by the teacher of the Music Conservatory of Tarragona Provincial Council, Antoni Ernest Sebastià Torrent. The music has been recorded by the Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona and Nacional de Catalunya, conducted by Alfons Reverté Casas.

The award giving march, around two minutes long and interpreted by about 60 instruments, presents a cheerful and triumphant rhythm and it reminds of the open, creative, fresh and welcoming attitude of Tarragona’s people. The fanfare is conceived as an introductory piece with strong sounds to call the attention of the audience just before the medals will be delivered.

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