The city hall assigns the 50 meters long swimming pool and the dismantling of the A-7 highway

Transmaber and Acsa, Obras e Infraestructuras will carry through these two constructions of the Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018

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2017-10-05 Piscina 50 metres

06 October 2017


The city hall of Tarragona assigns the construction of the 50 meters long swimming pool and the project of dismantling the A-7 highway, two important works for the Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018.

It is to be reminded that the 50 meters long swimming pool, located at the Mediterranean Ring, will be the main point of the future Aquatic Centre, which will hold the swimming and water polo competitions.

Moreover, the development project to get the topography of the old lines of the A-7 highway back in the preserved section between “El camí del Llorito” and the traffic circle of the Via Augusta will make possible to get the road on a single height, which will improve the mobility of the pedestrians in that zone. That will make mobility easy around the Nou Estadi, which is where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Mediterranean Games will take place.

The deputy mayor commissioner of the Mediterranean Games, Javier Villamayor, affirms that with these two allocations “the hard core of the infrastructures of the Mediterranean Games will be completed, just like the expected timeline said. This way, the new 50 meters long swimming pool will be able to welcome a rehearsal race in spring, just before the beginning of the Games. To do the work in the A-7 highway, we will minimize the troubles for the neighbors and the possible affectations to Nàstic fans on match days”.

First of all, in view of the technical reports, the trading desk has classified the offers presented to the tender of the works of the executive project for the outdoors 50 meters long swimming pool to be constructed in the Mediterranean Ring of the Mediterranean Games 2018, which counts on a budget of 2,314,049.58€.

From the 8 companies that were running for the tender, the one that got the best punctuation was Acsa, Obras e Infraestructuras SA, at the price of 1,689,331€ plus taxes.

Moreover, the trading desk has also classified the rest of the offers for the construction of the development project to get the original topography of the old lines of the A-7 N-1247 highway back, with a budget of 560,233.57€ plus taxes.

From the 11 companies that were running for the tender, the winner is Transmaber SL, at the price of 270,384.53€ plus taxes.

The two companies are needed to hand in the deposits and other indispensable documents to make the awarding of the contract possible. They have a period of 10 working days to hand in the paperwork and then the awarding and the signature of the contract will be carried through.

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