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Rhythmic gymnastics is a sports discipline with an artistic component that consists in following a melody while manipulating apparatus elements, individually or in teams of 5 or more. The victor is the participant who earns the most points, determined by a panel of judges who value the technical difficulty of the movements (leaps, balances, pivots), apparatus handling and the rhythm and the beauty of the choreography.

There are five categories in this sport: clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon and rope. In Tarragona 2018 there will be present the first four in an individual competition. Besides apparatuses, gymnasts use toe shoes to protect their feet and special clothing (leotards). Gymnasts often throw the apparatuses up in the air and make them move while they move too. Coordination and ability to get back the apparatuses without missing a beat is one of this sport’s key points. Neither the girls nor the apparatuses can be still while the music plays, because it gets penalised.

Rhytmic gymnastics has been contested since the inaugural Mediterranean Games in 1951 in Alexandria (Egypt).



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