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Basketball 3×3 is an adaptation of basketball. The game already existed before, but FIBA promoted it by creating a regulation and organizing international championships. This sport is played on a court of 15 meters wide and 11 meters long, which corresponds to dividing in two a normal basketball court. Every team consists of 3 players and they are allowed one change.

The match begins with a draw in order to determine which team attacks and which defends first. When the defending team retakes possession of the ball, they change their role, attacking now the hoop they were defending. Matches are 10 minutes long and the clock stops every time the ball is “dead” or when a foul is committed. The first team that scores 21 points or more wins the match if this happens before the 10 minutes are over. Otherwise, the winning team will be the one with the highest score. If there is a tie, there will be a one minute break and then the match will continue until any of the two teams scores 2 points.

This sports discipline will be part of the Mediterranean Games for the first time in the edition of Tarragona 2018.



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