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The cities and municipalities of Catalonia are the safest in Europe. Nevertheless, self-protection measures should be taken in consideration to enjoy your time during your stay.

Remember that the consulate is a fundamental intermediary when any serious problem may arise. We highly recommend to note down the telephone and the address details.



– When sleeping in your room or leaving it, do not forget to close both the door and the windows.

– We higly recommend using the deposit box to store valuable objects and relevant documents.

– In common areas (reception hall, restaurant, etc.) do not leave your luggage and personal objects unattended.


– When visiting touristic areas, only carry essential documents and avoid counting or exchange your money or valuable objects publicly.

– Everytime you leave in your room be sure you are having with you your ID documents and always note down the address of your accommodation.

– Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Always carry your handbag or backpack in front of you.

– Remember to keep your wallet and other valuable belongings in places that cannot be easily accessed.

– Do not trust people that try to be persistently close to you or that offer you help without requesting it.

– If you are withdrawing money from a ATM, be sure nobody is controling you or trying to divert your attention.

– It is highly recommendable to buy drinks, food and other objects in places duly licensed and with the corresponding controls.



Beware of people with a piece of clothes haging from the arm, with a folded newspaper or map in their hands. Pickpockets use these objects to hide theirs actions and divert your attention from the theft.

Handbags withour zip fastener are an easy target for pickpockets.

Trousers with lower side pockets and jackets with big pockets without a fastener are easily accessed by pickpockets.

Always be aware of what is happening around you.


At the station or bus stops

When checking informative pannels at the station, do not leave your personal belongings unattended (bags, luggage, etc.)

In crowded areas:

– Carry your backpack in front of you

– Wallets, money, mobile phones and other objects in outer pockets of your backpack can be easily accessed.


On the plaftorm

Place yourselves along the platform.

Avoid highly crowded points on the platform.

Avoid the first and last coach on the train, since they are usually crowded and pickpockets are present.

Pickpockets encourage agglomerations to be closer to the victim and steal the wallet and objects you are carrying on your pockes.

Pickpockets usually steal right before the closing door beep sounds so that they can leave the coach with the stolen object and the victim cannot react and get off the coach on time.


On the coach and bus

Do not leave unattended your luggage, always try to be close to it.

Always keep your luggage closer and attended. Check regularly your handbags and be sure the bags placed on the floor are always in front of you. Pickpokets are always attentive and looking for unattended belongings.




Municipal regulations punish certain behaviours not allowed on the public road:

– Drinking and buying alcoholic beverages on the public road, unless you do so in duly licensed places. Buying food and other type of drinks on the street does not require sanitary control.

– Buying, possessing and consuming narcotic substances. The possession of certain quantities and/or offering and sharing can be considered a crime against public health.

– Complete nudity or walking without your t-shirt outside the beach.


– Only bring with you necessary things and avoid carrying valuable objects.

– Do not leave unattended your personal belongings.

– Remove your accreditation outside the premises not to call the attention.


In Catalonia there are different police forces. In terms of public safety you can address the Police of Generalitat – Mossos d’Esquada or other local police present in the territory.



If you happen to be victims or to witness a crime, contact immediately the police on the emergency phone 112. You can also go to the closest police station.

Provide detailed information of the incident and the author, together with the address and the transport he or she may have used (vehicle, on foot, etc.), if you have it.

If you want to make a complaint, you can go to the any police station, 24h a day, all year round.

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