The Mediterranean Games are a multisport competition that is organized within the Olympic movement, with the recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The participation is established through the Olympic Committees of each of the member countries of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG), in the geographical area of the Mediterranean.

Tarragona will completely adapt the games to the current economic situation and they will be held from 22 June to 1 July 2018 in 16 municipalities of its territory, featuring 33 sports disciplines.


In 10 days of competition, the Games will bring to Tarragona and the territory:

The organizational structure will have an impact on the local labour market:

The celebration of the Games in Tarragona will allow to bring together all estates of the city for a sports purpose. All management areas of the City Hall, the Tarragona County Council, the Catalan Government and especially the sports organizations in the city will work together to provide a model for the organization of the Games for the whole State and the Mediterranean cities during the Games.




Social commitment

The 18th Mediterranean Games are not only an event of social transformation and international projection, but also an opportunity of being more than a sports event: a connecting link in the Mediterranean based on solidarity and harmony. Under this approach, the figure of the Solidarity Partner has been created, category that is only represented by Spanish Red Cross. The Foundation Tarragona 2017 and Red Cross have agreed in working together to promote the values of sport and solidarity, focusing in forced migrations through different awareness actions related to the Mediterranean Games. These actions will be mainly carried out in the city of Tarragona and will be spread to the rest of the host cities in order to improve the impact of the Games’ legacy in the community.


Photo: Spanish Red Cross



Tarragona’s candidature

In 2007, specifically on the 20th of March, Tarragona took the decision to be a candidate for the organization of the Mediterranean Games. The decision was unanimously approved by all the political parties that attended the City Hall Plenary Session.

The Spanish Olympic Committee, showing its interest in Tarragona as the venue for the Mediterranean Games, unanimously approved, on the 29th of April, to present the candidature to the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games.


The Catalan Government gave its full backing to the Tarragona candidature on the 24th of April 2009, and previously, on the 15th of April of the same year, the Catalan Parliament gave its support to Tarragona through the unanimous votes of all political parties so that it could present its candidature to organize the Mediterranean Games.

In the Spanish State both Houses of Representatives also unanimously gave their backing to the Tarragona candidature. The Senate approved the proposal on the 24th of February 2010, and the Congress of Deputies (lower house) on the 9th of March of the same year.

On the 23th of April 2010 the Spanish Government’s Cabinet Meeting approved support for the Tarragona candidature and also a series of measures and guarantees so that the Mediterranean Games could be held in accordance with the requirements and directives of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games.


Finally, on the 15th of October 2011, during the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games Session, Tarragona was chosen as the venue for the Games.



Mediterranean Games to 2018

The 6th November 2016, the Mediterranean Games International Committee supports the decision to postpone one year the celebration of the event, namely from 2017 to 2018. The XVIII Mediterranean Games will take place from the 22nd June to the 1st July 2018.

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