Presentation of "Tarracus" mascot of the Tarragona 2017 Mediterranean Games

It is a Roman helmet of water from the Mediterranean, with a casteller (human tower) neck scarf and a crest with the Tarragona flag

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23 May 2016

Tarragona, Spain

Tarracus is now the mascot of the Tarragona 2017 Mediterranean Games. The presentation ceremony took place at Teatre Tarragona, and was presided by King Felipe VI, honorary president of Tarragona 2017. A helmet flowing with Mediterranean water, the neck scarf of a casteller (human tower), which is the symbol of Tarragona, together with the Tarragona flag drawn in the crest of the helmet form the mascot of the Games.

Tarracus is the winner of around 10,000 drawings presented by children. 84 schools of Camp de Tarragona and Les Terres de l’Ebre regions presented a total of 252 drawings, of which 10 finalists were selected. The drawing by Aleix Girona, a 13-year old pupil of the Abel Ferrater school of La Selva del Camp, was chosen in a social network contest. The winning drawing was then adapted by the French illustrator, Jean Jullien. This artist is committed to values of peace. He is known worldwide for his symbol of peace converted into the Eiffel Tower after the Paris attacks in November 2015.

Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee underlined “the determination of the Games, the firm decision of meeting agreed commitments and the promotion of the values of sport”. He also highlighted the "transformation of Tarragona into the meeting point of effort, integration and teamwork of all administrations. These values are identified with the mascot”.

The president of the International Olympic Committee, Amar Addadi, also welcomed the mascot, Tarracus, as “we are certain it will be an excellent support for communication, both in promoting the Mediterranean Games and the beautiful city of Tarragona, along with all towns of the province involved in the project”. Addadi remarked the fact that over 10,000 school children had taken part in the competition, which“demonstrates the meeting point between the Mediterranean Games and the education sector”. The president of the ICMJ ended his speech by congratulating the members of the Organizing Committee and the members of the Spanish Olympic Committee, because “in spite of the difficulties of today’s situation, they continue to give support and make every effort to ensure the continuity of the Tarragona 2017 project”.

Finally, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, mayor and president of the Tarragona 2017 Foundation, highlighted the Mediterranean “as a way of communicating ideas, values, beliefs, culture and traditions, the immense influence of which still lasts today”. Ballesteros recognized the value of the fact that the mascot was conceived from a participative project among schoolchildren of host towns. He ended his speech by calling on girls and boys, “because you are the future. You must take a leading role in the 2017 Games. And you must be the ones who in years to come, explain to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren that in 2017 Tarragona organized the best Games in history. And that Tarragona took a great step forward that year in defending the great positive values of humanity”.

Schoolchildren attending the presentation ceremony of the mascot were given a Tarragona 2017 gift and a snack pack, courtesy of: Aigües Veri, El Corte Inglés, Borges and Fragadis.<

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