You have a date with history!

The team of volunteers from Tarragona 2018 is one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean Games and its existence is essential to organize the Games. Furthermore, this team of volunteers will become one of the great legacies of the city beyond the sports event.

Being a volunteer of the Mediterranean Games is a unique opportunity to receive training in various fields, acquire first hand experience in a high-level international event, meet peoplework as a team and foster a spirit of loyalty and commitment to your sport, your club and your city.

Being part of the team of volunteers of Tarragona in 2018 is much more than an opportunity. It is a date with history.



Volunteering is always a very enriching experience. You spend your time in what you believe in and your interests.

In 2018 we will live in our territory a large sporting event that is unlikely to happen again. Which is why volunteering in the 2018 Mediterranean Games will be a one life time experience.

Being motivated and believing in this project is the main requirement. Everyone will be welcome to join The Mediterranean Games, no matter your studies, origin or previous experience. Only a legal requirement entail to be over 16 years. The profile of the volunteer is as wide as the variety of tasks that will be needed during the Games.

Yes, during the process of registration volunteers can choose their preferences among the 12 major areas of volunteering:

  • People care service
  • Accreditation
  • Accommodation
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Press and communication
  • Protocol and ceremonies
  • Health services
  • Transports
  • Technology
  • Logistics
  • Competition backing
  • Games global support

This choice is not final. Before the assignment, volunteers may change their preference.

The schedule of the volunteer work plan entails several information, recruitment and training phases:

  • Year 2013. Beginning of the volunteer recruitment and calculation of the citizens ‘degree of involvement.
  • Year 2014 – 2015. Design and beginning of the construction of the sports´ equipment and of the necessary infrastructures for the development of the Games.
  • Year 2016. First validation tests and internal organizational tasks. Continuity of the training process and active participation of volunteers.
  • Year 2017. Sporting events will be organised in order to validate the sport Facilities and the Organisation as a whole. Volunteers will receive specific training, and there will be proposals for task assignments to those involved at a deeper level.
  • Year 2018. Celebration of the XVIII Mediterranean Games from 22nd June to 1st July with 16 host municipalities.

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