A very positive evaluation of the XVIII Mediterranean Games medical service

More than 67 professionals have taken part in Tarragona 2018 Medical Operative Plan. During the days of competition they have assisted 340 people and 60 of them have been referred to CAR Salou or Hospital Joan XXIII

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30 June 2018


The XVIII Mediterranean Games made a positive assessment of Tarragona 2018 Medical Operational Plan, promoted by the Instituto Catalán de Salud and the organisation of the Games, with more than 67 professionals. The Deputy Mayor of Tarragona City Council and Commissioner for the Mediterranean Games, Javier Villamayor, the Director of the Medical Operational Plan of the Mediterranean Games, Montse Gens, the Medical Director of the Mediterranean Games, Alfons López, and Jordi Margalef, Head of Public Health Service in Camp de Tarragona, have made provisional evaluation of the operations of the medical plan during the competition days.

Up to now more than 340 athletes and members of the Mediterranean Family (MF) have been assisted in the fixed installations of the Mediterranean Ring, the  High-quality specialities in Salou (CAR Salou), polyclinic of the Mediterranean Village and Hospital Joan XXIII in Tarragona together with the different sports venues of the competitions. Out of these 340 patients, 60 have been referred to CAR Salou and Hospital Joan XXIII:

  • Medical services:

Number of visits: 136 visits, 70% assisted in the polyclinic, 20% in the Ring and 10% in CAR Salou. 40 athletes and the rest, members of the Mediterranean Family.

Referrals: 11 patients have been referred to CAR Salou. 9 to have a complementary examination (radiology) and 2 for observation.

More frequent pathology: 45% contusion, 30% injuries and 25% viral processes.

  • Physiotherapy area

Number of visits: 110 visits and room for other federations in 209 moments (stretcher for treating people).  84 athletes, the rest are part of the MF.

Pathology: 80% muscular fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, 10% tendinopathy and 10% sinew tear.

  • Hospital Joan XXIII

Number of visits: 35 visits (referral from CAR Salou and policlinic): 78% traumatology service, 20% general emergencies service and 2% gynaecology.

Complementary examination: 40 complementary x-ray tests.

  • Assistance in sports facilities

Number of visits: 59 visits. Referrals to CAR o Hospital Joan XXIII: 14.

Overnight service 22:00 – 8:00: 4 visits.


More than 67 professionals and 280 volunteers

The Medical Operational Plan of the Games aims to provide medical assistance to the Mediterranean Family by using efficiently the existing public resources and in accordance with the equipment of the International Olympic Committee (CIO) and the regulations of Generalitat de Catalunya in terms of development of sports events.

An comprehensive 24h individualised assistance model has been developed with three axes:

  • Medial assistance and physiotherapy service in fixed health centres (CAR Salou, Hospital Joan XXIII, Polyclinic and Ring).
  • Medical assistance in the competition and training venues.
  • Strategical plan in terms of Public Health (prevention, promotion and epidemiological surveillance).


Medical assistance:

  • Policlinic: 15 doctors, 11 INF y 4 administrative officer.
  • Ring: 11 doctors, 12 INF y 8 administrative officer
  • HJ23: Direction of HJ23 Traumatology service, emergencies service and gynaecology.
  • Sports facilities: 280 volunteers, among them 32 doctors y 27 nurses.


Physiotherapy service:

  • Polyclinic: 6 physiotherapists

In total, more than 67 professionals have been part of the Medical Operational Plan of the Mediterranean Games: 26 doctors, 23 nurses, 12 administrative officers and 6 physiotherapists, along with the personnel of CAR Salou, Hospital Joan XXII, 280 medical and Cruz Roja volunteers, who have managed the medical transport and assistance to the spectators.

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